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5 Tips -- Stay Healthy When Its Cold Out.

5 Tips -- Stay Healthy When Its Cold Out.

It’s October and it’s the beginning of cold and flu season, yuck! I love the beauty of the fall and peacefulness of the winter, but when it's quite blustery outside I want to cozy up with my favorite fuzzy blanket watch a girly movie and eat all my favorite comfort foods. Having a lazy day here and there is necessary but it's important to stay on top of your game through the crazy holiday season. None of us want to end up stuck in bed because of a hard core cold. Here are some tips that will help you stay healthy through the cold winter months!    


Keep Moving

It’s important to keep moving. I know the cold makes it hard to get out of a warm bed in the morning, but going for a run in the morning in the fresh cold outdoor air will wake you up and get the blood flowing. If running isn’t your thing try walking or a new exercise class. Kangaroo jumping and stiletto workouts are some new trending options right now. No matter what you decide, just keep moving!    


Eat the rainbow

Maintain your veggie intake throughout the year. Every meal you eat should be heavy on colorful vegetables.  I know the struggle is real when it comes to keeping sugar at a minimum during the holidays, but you could replace white granulated sugar with a low-glycemic option like coconut sugar when whipping up those baked goods.

Also when you start to feel a bit of a cold coming on, double up on your garlic intake. Avoid being stuck in bed during cold and flu season by peeling a fresh garlic clove, cutting it into 1-3 manageable and swallow. I’ll continue this for a few days, until I feel better. Garlic is an excellent anti inflammatory and can help fight symptoms of the cold and flu viruses. (1) If you can’t fathom the idea of swallowing garlic, add extra to guacamole or make a quick fresh salsa.


Stay Hydrated

When the temperature has dropped and the last thing that sounds appealing is a glass of cold water. It’s important to try and remain hydrated. Cider and hot chocolate are delicious but try to avoid drinking too many of your calories. Drink flavored no calorie water, eat lots of soup and drink hot tea.(2) I like ginger and chai tea mixed together.






Take some time for yourself. It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the holidays. If you are lacking free time take 10 minutes to meditate when you get a chance. Try a warm soothing bath to relieve some stress, or go for a massage at the spa. Sometimes a little winter nap may be all we need too.





Give to others

Kindness goes a long way. Doing things for others is not only good for that person or organization, but it will make you happier. Go volunteer at a local shelter, or food bank or simple act of kindness are always appreciated and can brighten someone's day. Our family tradition is taking a pause on Thanksgiving Day to volunteer with Meals on Wheels and spend some time visiting with those who may be alone for the Holiday. Kindness is good medicine for everyone.   


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Stay Healthy!

Carrie -- LettuceBeDifferent


Save time. Meal Plan!

Save time. Meal Plan!