If you have an amazing Gluten-Free Menu at your Restaurant. Let me and the world know about it.

Latigo - Modern Mexican
 Ceviche de Camaron

Ceviche de Camaron


2229 Blake Street, Denver, CO 80205

In the past, Mexican Food has been my "go-to" for gluten free eating out. Its not only my comfort food, but usually Mexican Food restaurants have a lot of options both my husband and I can enjoy. Tortilla chips are gluten free, my 2 favorite dipping sauces, salsa and guacamole are gluten free, and you can put almost anything in a corn tortilla and still have an delicious taco. 

Last week I visited Latigo, a modern Mexican restaurant by chef/owner Ignacio Leon in Denver's Ballpark District. Me and a mess of other fellow bloggers in different genres gathered there for the Denver bloggers club monthly meeting. Latigo was so gracious by hosting us in their cozy modern restaurant and presenting the group with a beautiful arrangement of popular dishes. 

Upon arriving I made sure separate fryers were used for frying the tortilla chips to avoid any cross contamination.  I did a little mental back flip finding out the chips were safe and everything served was gluten free. 

We started with the Tinga Tostada, so much goodness on this tiny tasty fried corn tortilla.

Then we had the prettiest shrimp ceviche I've ever been served paired with the Latigo house margarita.

Chicken fajitas may be pretty basic on a Mexican menu but they rarely disappoint. We were also lucky enough to get some vegetarian fajitas too. I double checked with our server to make sure the chicken fajitas were not marinated in anything containing gluten (beer, soy sauce, etc).  


The final entree we had at my table was the vegetarian version of the Cochinita Pibil. Instead of the traditional pork, the restaurant was happy to accomodate the vegetarians at the table by subbing zucchini - aka, Calabacin Pibil. Forgive me, my Spanish is rusty. Both the pork and the vegetarian looked mouth watering and were completely gluten free!

 Calabacitas pibil

Calabacitas pibil

The last course was a beautiful hot and smoky Horchata. I definitely recommend trying it if dairy doesn't bother you, it looked delicious. 


Some other things to note*

Latigo does serve flour tortillas, they are not a corn tortilla only restaurant, but they do use a separate flat top to heat your corn tortillas. This is a huge plus to avoiding cross contamination. 

They don't have a gluten free menu, but are very open to accommodating your dietary needs upon request.


I not only love Mexican cuisine because I grew up on it, but it's simple, real food. Latigo does an excellent job keeping it simple. I give this place the gluten free green light. Go check out all the delicious menu offerings at Latigo, talk to the wonderful staff about what menu options are best for your dietary needs and enjoy the experience.  This is one of the Mexican food restaurants that get it right in Denver and I'll be visiting again soon. 


Happy Eating!

Carrie - LettuceBeDifferent


This is based on my experience and opinions. I do not claim any restaurant is entirely gluten free or allergen friendly, but in my experience many restaurants are willing to take the precautions necessary to accommodate your specific dietary needs when it is brought to their attention. You just have to ask.  

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